Who We Are


Established in 1994, Southern Alliance for Indigenous Resources (SAFIRE) is a regional non governmental organisation whose main focus is to improve rural livelihoods and resilience through the sustainable utilisation, commercialisation and manageme_B260976nt of natural resources. SAFIRE promotes initiatives that enable rural communities to achieve food security, cope and adapt to the adverse effects of disasters such as climate change induced droughts, floods and the changing patterns of rainfall and other weather conditions. This is realised through community-led projects on the utilisation and commercialisation of natural resources, conservation farming and integrated pest management, rehabilitation of old irrigation schemes in drought prone areas of the country and linking the farmers and producers to the market for crops and natural products

Our approach promotes full participation and involvement of rural communities that we work with in the identification of problems and designing appropriate solutions, building on their local knowledge, practices and strategic partnerships.

The values that underpin our work are Integrity, Participation, Accountability and Transparency, Innovation, High Quality Service, Team work, Fairness and Professionalism.




Rural communities with resilient livelihoods in a sustainably managed environment.




To facilitate the development and application of innovative approaches to improve rural livelihoods, resilience and sustainable natural resources management.




Over the years, SAFIRE has become one of the few environmental and development NGOs with a proven track record in effectively using participatory approaches to help communities manage and meaningfully benefit from their natural resources. We have researched into and supported the development and marketing of local natural products such as herbal teas, traditional remedies, fruit pulp, essential oils and indigenous fruit beverages for the benefit of rural communities. Some of the successf_B260979ully developed products that are on the market are marula oil and jelly, baobab pulp, oil and jam, makoni tea, resurrection tea, honey, dried vegetables and Jatropha soap. These products are produced by community based enterprises in partnership with the private sector.



Drawing from our guiding principles, shared values, our experience and that of those we work with, our strategic goalsIMG_0977 are to be:

  • An organisation that contributes to the improvement of rural livelihoods based on sustainable natural resources management and agro-based enterprises
  • A continually learning organisation that is at the cutting edge of development in natural resources management and sustainable livelihoods
  • An organisation that is able to achieve and sustain a positive impact
  • An organisation that makes informed decisions based on accurate monitoring and evaluation information
  • An organisation that mainstreams gender and HIV/AIDS in all its programmes