Enhancing Nutrition Stepping Up Resilience and Enterprise (ENSURE 2013-2018)

The goal of this USAID funded project is to increase the long term food and livelihood security of more than 500 000 women, men and children in six districts of Manicaland and Masvingo through improvements in maternal/ child health and nutrition, agricultural production and marketing, water and sanitation, risk management and women’s empowerment.


The ENSURE consortium—which includes World Vision, CARE, SNV and SAFIRE—has been implementing the program since late 2013 with a goal of helping 215,000 vulnerable Zimbabwean households become more food secure by 2018 in six districts of Masvingo and Manicaland Provinces. The program focuses on mother and child nutrition, agricultural production and marketing, and disaster risk reduction and management. SAFIRE’s activities build on community disaster management to empower existing structures to identify, anticipate, and mitigate known environmental risk factors to their livelihoods. The program also seeks to improve the capacity of the community to plan, and create assets thus reducing the impacts of shocks and disasters on their health and survival. Participatory approaches will be used to identify community assets and strategies that support adaptation. Food for assets (FFA) will be used as an incentive for community to rehabilitate agriculture and natural assets while due consideration will be made on vulnerable households and gender issues with particular focus on female No- male (FNM) households. 1,168 community members have been trained in disaster preparedness and risk reduction to date.