Integrated Soil-water Conservation and Livestock Management in the Runde catchment area (2014-2016.)

Runde Phase 1 ran from 2011 to 2013. This phase focused on diptank rehabilitation, gulley reclamation, dam rehabilitation and catchment protection; establishment of livestock watering points; CA; community gardens and establishment of small irrigation schemes; infiltration ditches; implementation and enforcement of by-laws. The objective for the current phase (2014-2016) is environmental protection and monitoring to improve the livelihoods of the population in 97 wards of Mwenezi, Chivi, Masvingo, Zaka and Bikita districts.

Expected outcomescare

1. Reduced water losses between storage dams in 5 river sub-catchment areas and sugar cane out growers’ farms

2. Communities in 97 wards sustainably manage their natural resources through participatory analysis, planning, by law enforcement and monitoring.

3. Improved bio-diversity, soil and water conservation and rangeland managementEUgvt of zim