Manjinji Irrigation Scheme Rehabilitation Project

This project which was being implemented in partnership with Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) saw the Manjinji irrigation scheme having 5 fully functional pumping units (boreholes) that supply water for production. In total, the pumps discharge approximately 400 cubic meters of water per hour, enough to irrigate 10.9 ha per week through the use of a storage tank. Rehabilitation of the water supply system commenced in 2007 with technical support from the Zimbabwe National Water Supply Authority [ZINWA]. The project drilled two (2) new boreholes that were fitted with new BH400 pumps and TS3 engines. Additional 2 pumping units were also fitted with 2 new pumps/engines bringing the total number of new fitments to four (4). The fifth pumping unit was serviced, reconditioning of assemble bearings, and perking. All the pumping units were connected to the main pipeline that connects to the scheme via the night storage dam.