National Tree Planting Day-3 December 2016

None of us ever knew the consequences
An age of ignorance, confusion, hungry for conquests
Having a mind full of money bills
We never took at the negative side
The luxuries we enjoyed yesterday,
Are becoming our greatest worries today
The past is now painting a bleak picture of the future.

It is depleting slowly but surely
The massive gates are opening
Ultra-violent rays are penetrating without restriction
Rains have fled away without leaving a good bye letter
Ice is melting rapidly, leaving polar bears without a home.

We are good lawyers for our mistakes
But strict judges for others
Opening many factories for a huge income
Vegetation destroyed for our own consumption
We are consuming healthy food, herbs for us to live longer
But the earth is growing weary and feeble.

The wise have formed Agencies, Organisations
To assist the campaign for a better world
Environmental Management Agency (EMA), Southern Alliance For Indigenous Resources (SAFIRE), Zimbabwe Forestry Commission
People of various calibres have fished out from their pockets
Just to help to make the world a better place
May they never lack and continue funding the campaigns.

We can make a change – a better one
Be a world changer, make history today, bring back the Greenland
Plant a tree, utilise our Indigenous resources, our forests
When one tree falls give birth to two or more
Its is never too late to bring back what we lost
Plant a tree and a save a soul…………

By Tapiwa Bengewa
Gokomere High School